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The biggest pain point for most organizations is finding the right people.

Ideal Teams provides you with a predictable and effective hiring solution at a fraction of the price of traditional staffing companies.

Don’t Take it From Us, See What Our Clients are Saying.

“Ideal Team gave me the tools to make meaningful decisions when hiring my valuable assets, my employees. It’s remarkably simple and incredibly powerful.”

Lawrence Montoya

“Our first hire is going on three years with our office and just received a promotion.”

Dr. Brian Dahmer

“These guys will help you get the right people on the bus for massive alignment equaling massive business growth. Once you use Ideal Team, you will never use another agency again!”

Paul Reed

“Kathia is the best recruiter we have ever worked with. She always take great care of us!”

Dr. Brian Anderson

“I continue to be amazed at their persistence and support in finding A team members for me, even in this crazy hiring climate we have had the past few years.”

Dr. Heather Rice

“Hannah did a great job helping us recruit. Really took a lot of the leg work out of hiring. Thank you!”

Dr. Sarah Ernst

4.8 Stars Out of 56 Reviews


Helping You Hire ...


You focus on the activities that produce revenue for your business. We’ll handle the entire hiring process for you.


Hiring top talent is hard. Ideal Teams assessment tools help you find the best person for your unique business culture.


Every moment you spend trying to hire is time away from your revenue-generating activities. Ideal Teams will you find the ideal team member faster.


Nothing is more expensive than hiring the wrong team member. The Ideal Teams process helps you hire the right person for your team.

Ideal Teams can help.

Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and negotiating salaries take precious time away from your obligations, which may hurt your business in the long run.

Additionally, taking the time to manage and review and sift through resumes and managing job posts across multiple platforms takes valuable time away from your team members, who could focus their skills and talents on more valuable areas of your business.

Trusted by Hundreds of Business Owners and Organizations

Ideal Teams can help you hire better, faster.

You start by speaking with one of our recruiters and creating the ideal behavioral and technical traits, called an avatar, for the person who would best succeed in the available position.

Then every potential candidate is matched for you against that avatar using our proprietary suite of assessments, only sending you those people with the highest percentage match.

You only spend time interviewing those with the highest potential to be the right people on your team doing the right work in the right way. And Ideal Teams does this at a fraction of the cost.

Using the unique ideal team’s predictive behavioral and cognitive assessments as the foundation of your hiring process can drastically reduce your hiring time and overall departmental attrition rates. Let us help you find the perfect match for your team.

We will help you find your ideal match for your team.

When the right person is hired for a role, it’s the ultimate Win-Win: it’s a win for the business owner, and a win for the person being hired.

Greg Lee

“I would highly recommend Ideal Team. The process was very seamless and effective. I could not be happier with the results and they were a pleasure to work with.”

Why finding your ideal job candidate is critical…

Have you ever had the “perfect” candidate start a job only to deeply regret the decision as soon as they began working for you?

That is because you hired based on technical qualifications but discovered behavioral issues.

The Ideal Teams assessment process helps ensure you discover cultural or behavioral issues before it’s too late.

With a 99.5% placement rate and an average placement time of 55 days, we’ll help you hire better, faster.

You only receive applicants who are 90% or higher match for your avatar.

That means you receive great people who are hard-wired to excel in the job you have open and at a fraction of traditional staffing prices.

Ideal Teams will deliver better talent faster so your business can grow.

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