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Elevate your business with the premier virtual assistant company

  • #1 in virtual assistant services by TechRadar & Analytics Insight
  • Serving 7500+ clients with 800+ 5-star reviews
  • Longest-running virtual assistant company

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Enhance Property Management Efficiency with Virtual Assistants

Ideal Teams virtual assistants aid property managers in tasks like rent collection, tenant communication, maintenance coordination, and lease management. Outsourcing these functions enables property management companies to streamline operations, provide exceptional tenant experiences, and concentrate on optimizing property value

Ideal Teams virtual assistants are proficient in utilizing property management software and tools, improving efficiency in tasks such as property listing management, tenant screening, and document organization. With the assistance of virtual assistants, property management companies can optimize their day-to-day operations and proactively plan for the future by leveraging data-driven insights and strategic recommendations from their virtual assistant partners.


Benefits of a Property Management Virtual Assistant


  • Administrative Assistance
  • Accounts Support
  • Tenant Support
  • Property Marketing Task

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Administrative Assistance

  • Utilize property management softwares like AppFolio, Yardi for
    efficient management
  • Make use of property management software for tenant and vendor communication
  • Assist in organizing and inspections
  • Record track of payment, lease and renewal dates efficiently and effectively
  • Screen tenant application and process, verifying rental history and employment

Accounts Support

  • Contact tenants to remind and collect monthly rent payments
  • Record and update tenant payments
  • Maintain detailed tenant records, track rent payments and security deposits

Tenant Support

  • Answer tenant inquiries, requests and concerns via phone and email
  • Record log maintenance requests from tenants ensuring efficient coordination
  • Provide guidance on payments with different platforms possible
  • Orient tenants during move-in and move-out procedures, including payments and property condition documentation

Property Marketing Task

  • Design property marketing materials, such as brochures, virtual tours, and property listings
  • Update and assist in adverstising vacant properties on social media’s
  • Manage property listings on real estate websites
  • Engage with reviewers and renters on different social media platforms

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The Avatar

Describes the ideal candidate that will fill that position in your business based on practice culture, cutting-edge assessment tools, and your business goals. Matching your new team member with this Avatar is one of the most important aspects of hiring.

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The Search

You don’t need to stress sourcing candidates for your business. We use big data, artificial intelligence, and our database to source top candidates based on your Avatar for you. The days of posting a half-baked job posting on a local chiropractic association page and generating high-quality candidates for your opening are over.

The Placement

Ideal Team has the process of hiring the right team member to a science. Relying on your guy or guesswork to fill an open position quickly often leads to high turnover, stress, and wasted time. We can help you find the ideal person for your business that can help take your business to the next level.

Onboard our Property Management Virtual Assistant

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We Learn Your Job
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See What Our Clients are Saying

“Ideal Team gave me the tools to make meaningful decisions when hiring my valuable assets, my employees. It’s remarkably simple and incredibly powerful.”

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Lawrence Montoya

“Our first hire is going on three years with our office and just received a promotion.”

Dr. Brian Dahmer

“These guys will help you get the right people on the bus for massive alignment equaling massive business growth. Once you use Ideal Team, you will never use another agency again!”

Paul Reed

“Kathia is the best recruiter we have ever worked with. She always take greate care of us!”

Dr. Brian Anderson

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Discover a virtual professional tailored to your unique business requirements and enjoy savings of up to 70% on hiring costs today.

Frequently Asked Questions


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A property management virtual assistant is an individual who works remotely for a property-focused business. They handle various tasks that can be completed off-site via computer with high-speed internet, helping alleviate the workload for local employees and improve operational efficiency.

Certainly, a property management virtual assistant can assist with various real estate tasks, including tenant screening, property listings, showing coordination, document preparation, and basic administrative duties. While their primary focus is on property management, their skills often extend to supporting real estate professionals in handling routine tasks and enhancing overall efficiency in real estate operations.

Outsource property management roles, including tenant communication, rent collection, maintenance coordination, property listing management, lease administration, and basic administrative tasks like data entry and documentation. Virtual assistants can handle these tasks remotely, enabling property managers to focus on more strategic aspects of property management.

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