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Elevate your business with the premier virtual assistant company

  • #1 in virtual assistant services by TechRadar & Analytics Insight
  • Serving 7500+ clients with 800+ 5-star reviews
  • Longest-running virtual assistant company

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Why Your Business Needs A Virtual Assistant In 2024 - Ideal Teams

Boost Lead Generation with a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

In the realm of Real Estate, the focus is on people, not paperwork. That’s why Ideal Teams, a trusted partner for over 15 years with more than 7500 real estate professionals, allows you to stay concentrated on leads, listings, sales, and fostering crucial relationships.

An Ideal Teams real estate virtual assistant can handle tasks such as making calls, collecting documentation, securing signatures, and nurturing leads in your pipeline. Meanwhile, you can dedicate your attention to closing deals, scheduling meetings, engaging with clients, maintaining your network, and cultivating relationships that drive revenue.


Benefits of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant


  • Administrative Task
  • Inside Sales
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Transaction Coordination

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Administrative Task

  • Set-up schedules, manage calendars and emails
  • Create reports from various platforms in excel
  • Update CRM, scheduling listings

Inside Sales

  • Warm and cold call expired, FSBO listings
  • Use systems such as Vulcan 7/RedX to locate expired and FSBO listings
  • Check potential leads and alignment with the desire target market
  • Update listings and follow up with leads on Realtor, Zillow, and Trulia

Real Estate Marketing

  • Update listings on Zillow, Realtor, Trulia
  • Create website and blog for your real estate business
  • Manage and monitor social media accounts

Lead Generation

  • Utilize email campaigns to consistently nurture leads
  • Create new oppotunities, outbound call to leads who expressed interest
  • Build rapport with leads and guide through sales funnel

Transaction Coordination

  • Oversee the escrow process, including preparations for closing
  • Coordinate title/escrow, loans, and appraisal process
  • Gather and submit documentation for closing

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How a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Can Benefit You
Here's how Ideal Teams supported Realtors in scaling and growing in 2023.

2000+ Realtors

2000+ Realtors chosen Ideal Teams to help scale their business

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850+ Virtual Assistants

Real Estate agents added over 850 Ideal Teams virtual asssitans

$40 Million Saved

Ideal Teams saved Real Estate companies over $40 million dollars in 2023


Loan Processor

Our virtual assistants assist loan processors by handling document gathering, data entry, and administrative tasks, streamlining the loan application process for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

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Transaction Coordinator

Rely on our virtual assistant transaction coordinators to adeptly manage and coordinate the administrative aspects of real estate transactions, ensuring seamless communication, documentation, and compliance throughout the process.

Inside Sales

Our inside sales virtual assistants offer crucial support to a business’s sales team by managing lead generation, customer outreach, appointment scheduling, and other tasks focused on boosting sales and revenue.

Onboard our Real Estate Virtual Assistant

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We Learn Your Job
Weekly Check

See What Our Clients are Saying

“Ideal Team gave me the tools to make meaningful decisions when hiring my valuable assets, my employees. It’s remarkably simple and incredibly powerful.”

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Lawrence Montoya

“Our first hire is going on three years with our office and just received a promotion.”

Dr. Brian Dahmer

“These guys will help you get the right people on the bus for massive alignment equaling massive business growth. Once you use Ideal Team, you will never use another agency again!”

Paul Reed

“Kathia is the best recruiter we have ever worked with. She always take greate care of us!”

Dr. Brian Anderson

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Explore the realm of real estate apps, where we’ve selected tools that seamlessly combine affordability with functionality…

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Ready to Grow
Your Business?

Discover a virtual professional tailored to your unique business requirements and enjoy savings of up to 70% on hiring costs today.

Frequently Asked Questions


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A real estate virtual assistant is a remote professional providing support services to real estate professionals and agencies. Operating from a distance, they contribute to the efficient functioning of real estate businesses, allowing agents to concentrate on core activities.

Ideal Teams implements a rigorous talent-matching process in our hiring. With over 150 daily applications, only 2.2% are selected and recommended to clients like yourself. We conduct an FBI-grade background check and other crucial preliminary profiling.

Before onboarding a virtual assistant, we ensure they possess the 3 E’s: Employment, Expertise, and Experience—ensuring a perfect fit for you and your business. Your satisfaction is crucial to our reputation, and we are committed to providing you with the best match possible!

A proficient real estate virtual assistant can manage various vital aspects of your real estate business, including administrative tasks, inside sales and prospecting, lead generation and follow-up, real marketing, executive tasks, and even transaction coordination!

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